Top Cryptocurrencies that Online Casino Use

  • Friday, Feb 25, 2022

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies is causing a growing demand for crypto-accepting casinos. Bitcoin is unarguable one of the most accepted cryptocurrencies in the market. However, what makes crypto-casinos way better in comparison to the traditional online casinos? There are many perks you can find at a crypto-casino. This is in comparison to a regular online casino. For example, gambling jurisdictions can disallow you from participating at a certain online casino. However, crypto-casinos allow any player from any region. Is bitcoin the only cryptocurrency accepted in casinos? We take a look at other cryptocurrencies acceptable in different casinos around the globe.

Why Choose a Crypto-Casino?

The best part about playing at a crypto-casino is anonymity. However, it does not mean you can go full incognito mode while at the casino. There are some parts of the transaction that remain traceable in the blockchain. However, the privacy is way higher compared at an online casino. For example, you can choose to hide the identity of your wallet. This is a major weapon people from countries that restrict gambling can use. However, it anonymity is not something you are going for at an online casino, there is much more you can get at the crypto-casino.

Most players often get discouraged by high transaction costs levied at an online casino. These costs are usually FIAT currencies common with only casinos. Furthermore, the FIAT currencies with bank deposits can cost a lot of transaction fees. However, it is a different scenario when at a crypto-accepting casino. Most available payments methods at the crypto-casinos are way less. Also, there are other crypto-casinos that do not charge any transaction costs. In addition, their deposits and withdrawals are way faster in comparison to the conventional FIAT rates. Read below to get sense of new cryptocurrencies in the market used in casinos.

  • Fast processing times
  • Little transaction costs

Are There Ethereum Casinos?

Yes. Ethereum is the second-most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The main role behind the crypto-based currency is acting as the base for other decentralized apps. The 'ether' part represents the currency part of it. Also, there are a host of online casinos that accept Ethereum as a form of payment. Also, Ethereum allows for developers to launch apps on their platform. Therefore, it is common to find casino operators opening online casinos, sportsbook and pokers on the app platform for Ethereum. New players can anticipate a seamless and wholesome gambling experience at these Ethereum casinos. Give it a try to find out.

Are There Bitcoin Cash Casinos?

Bitcoin Cash is a different entity from the popular Bitcoin. However, there are close resemblances when comparing the two. Similar to its predecessor, Bitcoin Cash acts solely as a decentralized virtual currency. It is highly popular in most online casinos due to its familiarity with Bitcoin. There were several suggestions for better transactions with Bitcoin with several FIAT currencies. Therefore, Bitcoin Cash stepped up to offer more transaction speeds in a second. However, there is still contention on the part of miners. The large blocks lead to complicated computations in generating coins. However, it remains a feasible option at the casino.

Which is the Best?

If you are a new player at the online gambling experience, we highly recommend trying out the FIAT currencies at online casinos. It is the perfect learning curve before immersing yourself into the full online gambling experience. However, we recommend crypto-accepting online casinos for seasoned players at the online gambling space. Punters can get the anonymity with transactions at the casino. Furthermore, there are little or no transaction costs when depositing or withdrawing. Also, it gives a chance for punters to experience the next level of online gambling. There are many crypto-options apart from Bitcoin. Try out other options available.